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18 June 2011 @ 03:00 am
And They Freaking Went There  
Poppo's revelation to Jintan and the appearence of Menma's little brother aside ep.10 was just about the worst case scenario I feared might happen and it really makes me wonder even further what the production team was thinking when they planned out the pacing of the series. Whatever twist they try to pull next week I seriously doubt it'll explain lots of the little things in the series which should just have been edited out for consistency sake. General flaws such as why it took them so many episodes for Menma to reveal herself to the others or why they went over the same ground with Jintan & Menma quite so much to the detrement of the development of both the two of them and other characters could surely have been spotted and fixed at the planning stage.

Where to even start with ep.10? Tsuruko's character seems such wasted potential. Considering her actions during the Manma escapade I had really hoped she could be a champion of friendship. Especially since the crush and unrequited themes have been so over played in this series I was hoping Tsuruko & Yukiatsu's complicated friendship could actually be a complicated friendship. The impression I'd gotten thus far was that Tsuruko was supposed to be the mature one of the group so I'd hoped for another positive influence like Poppo, someone mature enough to try and help their friends deal with their difficult situations while also providing a contrasting example of regular "my friend died" grief instead of any "romantic/jealousy" etc grief. 

Instead she was relegated to the role of yet another participant in the unrequited love star, or whatever it is now. No doubt some people will sympathise with Tsuruko even more now but personally I felt it was the worst way of portraying her situation and for me it doesn't throw the best light on some of her earlier actions. I know they probably wanted to show  different ways of dealing with their situations for each character but I'm afraid once again it's the silence that gets me. There's no confirmation of Tsuruko's feelings via a confession to Yukiatsu, instead he's still left completely in the dark because Tsuruko has decided for herself that he'll never care for her.

The way she told Anaru that she was Yukiatsu's backup plan didn't sit well with me either. I don't know whether Tsuruko said that just to vent, like when she was speaking to her classmates, or whether she thought she was "saving" Anaru or something but either way I don't like her method of going behind her friend's back and claiming the worst when there's no official confirmation one way or the other and when said friend is not around to explain or defend themselves. I mean we've probably all been in situations where we've been hurt by those closest to us, I can remember being really hurt by one amongst a group of friends but no one else knew about it because I wasn't going to go around trash talking to our other friends about it. Those friendships were none of my business and I had no right to destroy them. 

Looking back on her past actions now it makes me think that all that time keeping everything bottled up has made Tsuruko unfortunately bitter. On one hand she won't tell Yukiatsu the truth, on the other hand it's a sour subject if he shows any interest in another girl or if other girls are interested in him. Of course I understand that it must be painful dealing with unrequited love & being cornered by stereotype fangirls can't help but the sad result wasn't even a "leave me alone" or a vent at the girls it was a betrayal of trust and spite at Yukiatsu, who is being kept completely in the dark.  Or ringing him up and then checking up on him "are you with Anjou?", "Yes", "You're spinless. You're a coward" etc but I'm still not going to explain why I'm so upset so we can get past this. Her behaviour towards Anaru is still characterised by hypocracy as well. They messed her up bigtime.  -_-
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TOO. MANY. TERRIFYING. KOALAS.: :: gintama :: abuto shields kamui ::abyte_bony on June 20th, 2011 10:01 pm (UTC)
I actually felt the same way about Tsuruko; specifically, I thought that whether or not Tsuruko actually liked Yukiatsu could've been shown as ambiguous at least. Her putting Yukiatsu's original hair-clip of a gift for Menma on her hair was kind of a big giveaway, but I think I'd have had a better impression of at least Tsuruko in general if they'd portrayed their relationship as a girl and boy who stood on that fine line of friendship and everyone-assumes-they're-a-couple, and how they have to deal with the consequences. As in, not have her react to Yukiatsu and Anaru's situation as harshly as she did, showing that her previous actions were mainly due to her resentment of those other girls and the pigeonholing of herself.

Now that I think about it, though, growing up with someone like Yukiatsu (this is assuming they stayed together the entire time after the group broke up), i.e. (with what she suspects are) his personal issues, liking him and then pigeonholing herself into thinking that he wouldn't like her back the same way isn't that surprising. I mean, he's still sniffing his Menma wig...though she doesn't know that, exactly. Otherwise, however, he doesn't seem like the kind of guy who'd just throw a confession from his close friend aside lightly, so the least she could've done was tried.

But I'm still back-and-forth on this, since I could see how she'd think any girl he had would only be a replacement for Menma... Yukiatsu's passion for Menma doesn't seem totally resolved, and yet... Urgh. I don't know anymore. I sort of expected this to happen, so it's not that large a blow for me, but it would've been cooler to just let the fans ship the heck out of the pairing instead of confirming Tsuruko's one-sided crush in a biting manner towards Anaru.
Whispering_Eden: Yogiwhispering_eden on June 21st, 2011 05:52 pm (UTC)
I thought that whether or not Tsuruko actually liked Yukiatsu could've been shown as ambiguous at least.

I've always thought that would've been more realistic anyway since their at a good age to be all 'do I love x as a friend or romantically?', then there's the added issue of possibly transgressing upon dead friend's memory etc, instead of protraying apparent one true love at the age of...(seven?) while not offering us much of an insight into how & why the characters are supposed to have fallen into love with each other.

I sort of expected this to happen, so it's not that large a blow for me

I expected it too, I just resisted because it seems such a waste of a character. I also find myself thinking "Chill out guys" about all the Yukiatsu bashers in the fandom so Tsuruko's comment to Anaru seemed pretty unfortunate since I expect lots of people will take it as canon & assume he was always using Anaru which seems oddly ooc/inconsistent to me.

On a random note, if this were a completely different genre & aimed at an older audience I think Tsuruko would've made a hardcore psycho since there've been a few moments concerning Yukiatsu which came off a bit stalkerish so in a different show they might've really rolled with that.

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