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Hello & Welcome to Eden's Profile
I have a very wide range of interests, as you can see from the choice few I placed in my info below. All in all I'm a pretty artistic person and I admire creativity in others. <3
I love my music and am trying to get back into playing the piano. I enjoy glass painting and drawing, finding them both theraputic. I would love to make the money to go on an art course and develope a *proper* art style though.

I also like to use my computer for graphics & colouring scans. I enjoy nothing more than reading a good book and writing myself. I write poetry, short stories and have many novel plots. At the moment I am currently compiling an anthology titled "The Human Condition".

In the words of W.Wordsworth I am "a worshipper of Nature". I adore animals and enjoy taking walks and photographing the natural world. Sir David Attenborough is my greatest hero. <3
Nature is such a vast inspiration and at the end of the day, the great mystery of it is probably what fuels my thinking & creativity.

I am also fascinated by ancient history; the Romans, Norse, Ancient Egyptians & Greeks are all special favs and I have a love of mythology. I've been told I'm a natural philosopher - which basically means I think too much! Sometimes I find that my mind speeds off at about 100mph, leaving the rest of me desperatly trying to catch up though, which is less than ideal. ^^'

Thank you for reading! ~

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